Moving back East

Goodbye California, Hello Rhode Island.

I am, by turns, excited and scared. I can’t wait to get settled in New England again. I am scared about finding a job. I am excited about being near family and friend. I am scared about finding a place to live. And it goes on and on…

Signs that I am following the right path:

1. summer yoga on the beach!

2.Providence is one of the jewelry capitols of the US.

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“Luxury of Exercise: Yoga Fetish”

I love the milagros. What are we trying to heal through yoga practice? How much do we become the object of art through practice?

Definitely Going

Dear Sackler,

I will see you between October 19, 2013 – January 26, 2014 for your Yogic Art Exhibit.

Love, Me

Ps. All people who donated to this amazing event: ♥

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Float Tank

Float Tank

I went to Oakland Floats this weekend for my first isolation/float tank experience. It was incredibly relaxing. I don’t even know what happened in there for 75 minutes, but I feel great.

Thanks for GroupOn for making the Float affordable and for Oakland Floats for having such a lovely facility.

From Wikipedia

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Magic Places

Photo by StayWithTheBreath

I just got a disc drive back with tons of old photos.

This is a gem from Phuket, Thailand of my favorite places to think and breath, where I feel calm, at peace, safe, one with nature. I love the old gnarled trees growing in the water and the beach side shrine.

(If you are in Phuket, try and find it.)

Where are your magic places? Are they easy or hard to get to? Are they hidden or in plain sight?

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Bad, Really Really Bad

Been bad and not in a MJ way. From here on out I promise to credit all my internet sources. Sorry!

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Row of Shoulder Stands

As far as the eye can see…………


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Shoulder Stands and Suspenders

Vintage Shoulder Stands,

But where can I get a pair of these amazing suspender short shorts?

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Partner Yoginis

Happy Monday! Babes on the Beach!

This is why Partner Yoga is the bomb – it just looks so good..

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